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Get The Collar That Can Save Your Dog's Life...

Keeps Your Dog Safer And Protects It From Vehicles At Night

When you get this incredibly bright LED illuminated collar for your dog, vehicles will see your dog well in advance.  Plus, for busy streets you can activate the flashing setting which increases visibility even more.

Get An LED Collar For Your Dog FREE Today

Never Worry About Walking
Your Dog At Night Again

Your special LED collar for your dog makes walking your dog in the evenings safe for you and the dog with high visibility illumination. It's very easy to see from a distance so you can know vehicles and others can clearly see your dog well in advance.

Perfect For Large Yards &
Dogs That Like To Roam

For dogs that enjoy large, wide open spaces at home, you can let your dog out in the evenings and easily keep any eye on him or her when wearing this LED collar. And for dogs that make the occasional "great escape" the LED collar gives you the ability to locate him or her quickly and easily while protecting your dog in the street when you're not around.

Simplifies Visits To The Dog Park At Night

Dog parks at night can get confusing with so many dogs running around. Simplify keeping up with your dog by using your LED collar. It's never been easier because you can spot him or her from a distance and always know exactly where it is.

User-friendly, Comfortable
And Fully Adjustable

Thanks to the easy-to-use quick release, your new LED Dog Collar is simple to put on and take off. The collar is made of high strength nylon and is fully adjustable so you can always have the perfect fit for your dog.

Plus, you can easily change the light setting between steady mode or slow flashing with just 1 click.

Lithium Battery Power Gives
You Many Hours Of Trouble Free Use

Powered with 2 long life lithium batteries so you get 60 to 80 hours of use before needed to replace. The CR2016 batteries can be purchased at supermarkets, drug stores, etc.

Available In 5 Bright Colors:

Red, Green, Orange, Blue, and Pink

Get TWO for your dog today!

FREE For You! Just pay standard shipping and it's all yours! (Limit 2 per customer)

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What sizes can I get?

Answer: Choose from 4 sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large:

- Small fits 14 inch to 16 inch neck (35-43 cm)
- Medium fits 16 inch to 18 inch neck (40-48 cm)
- Large fits 17 inch to 20 inch neck (45-52 cm)
- XLarge fits 20 inch to 23 inch neck (52-60 cm)

Question:  Does it have an on/off switch?

Answer:  Yes. It has a 3 Stage Switch that turns on, switches to optional flashing mode, and also turns to off.

Question:  What kind of battery does it have?

Answer: Included with you collar will be TWO CR2016 lithium, long life batteries that will last 60 to 80 hours. This lasts most users 2 to 3 months. The battery is easily replaceable and can be purchased anywhere you would buy any battery.

Question:  Is the collar waterproof? I'd be using it for daily use and my dog loves the creek.

These special collars are weatherproof. This means the collars can withstand some rain, but the battery should be protected during downpours or extreme weather. If your dog goes under the water, it will ruin it.

Question:  Is this a quick release collar? This is an important feature because our dog only wears the collar when outside.

Answer:  Yes it is and is very easy to snap on and off. My dog only wears a collar when I walk her too so it is very convenient and easy to use. It's adjustable too.

Question:  How wide is the collar?

Answer:  The collar is .99 inches wide


Definitely recommend these collars
“I have an 80 LB German Shepherd and this is the first light up collar he has had that is able to take his rough and tumble play. It is crazy bright and easy to put on and take off. I bought the blue one and the red. Definitely recommend these collars!”
Michael Peterson

  Great Product!
"Purchased two -- one for my big, mostly black Berner and one for Lab (also black). I never let my dog out at night without his LED collar. I've tried other light-up pet products and this is the best one ever. Love that it has two different settings -- flashing light or constant. Very well made. I live on a large property in a rural area and these LED collars are a godsend for locating my wandering dogs at night. Great product! I'm going to get two more so I can have a set by the front door and a set by the back door."
Allie Broussard

  By far the best quality and best lit collar I've found
"I have purchased numerous lit dog collars and this is by far the best quality and best lit collar I've found. The batteries last a long time about 8 hours and allows me to walk my dogs for a months before I have to replace them. Thanks for this great product. My dog and I love it!”
Charlie R.

  This one is absolutely the most sturdy
"I recently purchased 2 of these LED collars for my dog, Shelby. It is very bright and now I can see her in our large backyard at night and she is very visible when I take her out on walks at night. I've purchased similar products in the past and this one is absolutely the most sturdy. I can't see how my little girl could break this even if she tried. Love it!"
Dianna Farmer

  Now, it's so much safer and easier to walk my dogs
"I live in busy part of the city and walking my dogs at night has always been scary with so many cars around and they don't exactly drive slow. Now, it's so much safer and easier to walk my dogs I actually enjoy it and take longer strolls with them. These LED collars are perfect for anyone who walks their dog at night and I highly recommend them.
Jamie L.

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